Tips to Recover Easily from Periodontal Treatment

At Arizona Smile Designers, we offer our patients throughout Cottonwood, AZ comprehensive dental care with a range of treatments and services. Dr. Steve Vergara and our staff pride themselves on providing individual care for each patient that is customized to their dental health needs. For some patients, this may mean undergoing periodontal treatment to eliminate a gum infection and prevent deterioration of the patient’s teeth. Fortunately, our team is equipped to provide excellent, experienced care and will walk you through all of the recovery details as well.

Aftercare Tips Following Periodontal Treatment


Whether you’ve undergone minor or more advanced periodontal treatment, it will be important to follow Arizona Smile Designers’ recovery tips to keep your mouth infection and pain-free.

1. Avoid cold liquids and spicy foods – After the scaling and root planing is performed, your teeth will feel quite sensitive. To lessen their sensitivity, avoid cold liquids and foods and spicy foods after treatment. To alleviate the sensitivity, ask Dr. Steve Vergara about a sensitive toothpaste like Sensodyne.
The symptoms of chronic migraines are normally quite similar for all patients. The main symptoms include the following:

2. Take an over-the-counter pain medication – After your treatment, the anesthesia will begin to wear off and you may experience some pain. To alleviate any pain, you can take the recommended dose for your age/weight/height of Ibuprofen or Paracetamol.

3. Soothe gum inflammation with a salt rinse – To alleviate gum tenderness and inflammation after your periodontal treatment, our “top dentist near me” recommends rinsing with a salt wash. Simply mix ¼ teaspoon of salt and ¼ teaspoon of baking soda with warm water. Then rinse as often as you’d like.

4. Long-term maintenance – Once your periodontal treatment and recovery are complete, you’ll need to take good care of your teeth and gums and practice great oral hygiene. This means brushing twice per day and flossing once per day. Additionally, you should attend all of your regular teeth cleanings and follow-up appointments with Arizona Smile Designers.

If you have questions or concerns after your periodontal treatment, do not hesitate to ask Dr. Steve Vergara or our dental staff.

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