When patients are missing teeth there are a few different ways to resolve the issue, from a fixed denture appliance supported by dental implants to familiar and lower-cost removable dentures. At Arizona Smile Designers, we offer a range of choices to find the right fit for you and your needs. Dr. Steve Vergara works closely with patients to design, prepare, and apply the treatment plan that will provide the best results. Learn about the different types of dentures we can fabricate and the different dental issues they address.

Our dentures are capable of being fabricated in a few different ways:

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace the entire row of teeth on the top and bottom. If there are a few remaining teeth, they will be pulled to accommodate the new detailed and highly realistic appliance. The lower denture fits snugly over the gum line, leaving room for the tongue, while the upper denture covers the upper gum line and hard palate for a secure fit.

Partial Dentures

When the gums and remaining teeth are in good condition, and the patient would prefer a less-invasive option than dental implants, a partial denture can be used. They typically consist of an acrylic bridge designed to mimic natural teeth, supported by a removable metal framework that fits around the patient’s remaining teeth.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures often referred to as temporary dentures, are provided to the patient on the same day that their teeth are removed. This way the smile is preserved throughout the healing process and the patient can immediately begin to adjust to wearing and eating with dentures.

Removable vs Implant-Supported Dentures

Removable dentures are a great fix (and fit) for some, but they have a few drawbacks that make implants a preferable option in the long run. Removable dentures must be secured in the mouth with denture adhesive, can become looser over time, and don’t function quite as well as real teeth meaning food options will be slightly limited. Dentures supported by dental implants, on the other hand, are securely attached to the jawbone. The denture itself can be removed, but the implants remain fixed in the jaw and stimulate tissues and bone preventing bone loss over time. They function almost exactly like real teeth and have the most natural feeling in the mouth.

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