Things You Should NOT Do During Invisalign Treatment

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We want to make sure you get the most out of your Invisalign treatment, so it’s important to know what to avoid when using Invisalign aligners.


Don’t Eat or Drink While Wearing Invisalign Aligners

Eating and drinking with the aligners on your teeth can damage them and get them dirty. You can also get food particles inside the aligners, which will hold the particles against your teeth and promote decay.

If you must drink something with them in, stick to plain water through a straw, if possible. Never drink any hot beverage like tea or coffee that can warp the aligners.

Don’t Leave Your Aligners Outside the Case

There are several good reasons for you to always store your aligners inside their case instead of leaving them on a table, counter, nightstand, or desk.

  • The clear material makes the aligners hard to see. Anything accidentally put on top of them can damage them.
  • The aligners could get picked up with other items and misplaced or thrown away.
  • Pets can chew on the aligners or bat them onto the floor.
  • Exposure to the open air promotes bacteria build-up on the surface.

Put them in their case even when you take them out briefly to eat or drink. Many aligners and retainers have been accidentally thrown away inside crumpled napkins and food wrappers.


Don’t Use Toothpaste on Your Aligners

You should brush your teeth with toothpaste before and after using the aligners, but using toothpaste on the aligners can scratch them. Cool or lukewarm water and a soft-bristle toothbrush are enough.

You can also use cleaning crystals or denture cleaner to soak the aligners before brushing them but only use products approved for use by Invisalign.


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