New Year, New Dental Health Products

Hi everyone, Dr. Lord here! Well, it’s January 1st and I’m wondering if I should be making any New Year’s Resolutions. I guess I’ll settle for trying to write a new blog entry every month for 2015. My personal resolutions aside, I’ve been wanting to talk about some new health products that have come out lately and look very promising.

The first of these products is Crest Sensi-Stop Strips. The Sensi-Stop Strips are designed to help those with sensitve teeth and can be purchased without perscription. Aside from tooth decay, the primary cause of sensitive teeth is exposed root area surfaces. This occurs when the tubules (pores in the root surface), which are normally plugged up, have had those plugs removed. Generally, acidic and carbonated drinks are what cause the plugs to dissolve in the first place. Another less common way to dissolve the plugs is through over brushing with a whitening or tartar control toothpaste. Keep in mind that some bottled water has been found to be sufficiently acidic and can cause tooth sensitivity.

Anyways, the Sensi-Stop Strips, which contain the desensitizer(s), are applied to the sides of the offending teeth for a short period of time. Crest claims the desensitization will last considerably long. The only problem is that these strips are so new that I really don’t know how valid these claims will prove to be. On the other hand, in the words of comedian Gary Gilson, “It couldn’t hurt,” to try it that is.

Another product that has shown great promise when combined with good oral hygiene, is “Dentist in a Bottle” by Ambaya Golda. This alternative to traditional mouthwashes can be ordered online, which is great for those that don’t enjoy going into a dental office. Why is it some people don’t like the dentist anyway? That’s always puzzled me.

Anyways, to quote the company, they’ve “combined fulvic with essential oils and platinum group elements to create an alternative to traditional toxic mouthwashes.” I guess by toxic they must be referring to the original Listerine. It is similar to “Tooth and Gum Tonic” by Dental Herb Co., which we have used / recommended for years and have found to be an effective adjunct to good home care.

On this same line, for keeping the gums healthy, I’ve always liked “Closys.” Its active Ingredient is chlorine dioxide, which breaks down to a chlorine derivative and oxygen. Both of these are antimicrobial, so they have an affinity for killing germs. While available at most drugstores, if you find yourself looking for more natural ingredients of essential oils, you may want to try the other products first.

Lastly, for those suffering from cold sores, there is a new product called Viroxyn Professional Use. It contains a topical anesthetic for the soreness, and depending on how quickly you begin treatment, can shorten healing time. Best results seem to be if the medication is applied at the first sign of that tell tale tingling sensation, letting you know a cold sore is forming.

Sadly, this last one does need to be purchased at our office. On the other hand, one of the active ingredients is the same as the active ingredients in good ol’ fashion Bactine antiseptic. So, you might find it worth a try. After all, “it couldn’t hurt!”