Arizona Smile Designer’s & the Dental Services We Provide
A Rose By Any Other Name…
I’m sure most of you don’t know this, but prior to my residency here in Cottonwood, Arizona, I actually had a dental practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name of that dental practice in Las Vegas was actually, “Smile Designers of Las Vegas”. So imagine my surprise when I came to work with Dr. Vergara at Arizona Smile Designers. I thought I was just going to practice with Steve and never gave a second thought to the fact there might be a practice name different from Dr. Steve Vergara DDS. Anyway, it wasn’t long after starting here in May of 2006 (yes, it has been 9 years now), that I found out some patients had given me the name “Temporary Dentist.” I suppose the “paucity of cranial hair follicles,” (that’s a politically correct name for bald) makes me look older than I am but I’m not ready to hang up the drill just yet. I mean, after all, isn’t 60 supposed to be the new 40 (only with a few more aches and creaky joints, I suppose).
So, why do I bring this up? Well, the other day, someone asked if we only did cosmetic dentistry which really shocked me as we have ALWAYS done all forms of dentistry. General dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, invisalign, the list goes on. And we have always cared for people of all ages with all sorts of dental needs. But then, I looked at our name and, sure enough, I could see how he made the assumption that we were strictly a cosmetic dentistry practice.
Well just to let you know, WE’RE NOT! We do ALL facets of dentistry. From kids to seniors, extractions to implants and dentures, and from fillings to root canals. Our goal has always been to care for all of our patients needs in our office and make referrals to specialists only when absolutely necessary. In fact, that’s why we have Dr. Ripplinger travel from Las Vegas each month to take care of many of the difficult procedures that would normally have been referred to specialists.
Like they say, “A rose by any other name, is still a rose.” While I won’t be so corny as to say that we want to be your dental rose, I will say that we have rosy cheeks because we’re always smiling in our office. After all, we love it here because smiling and feeling good, for us and our patients, is what we are all about. So until next time, keep on smilin’!