Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy This Summer

Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy This SummerSummer is a time of fun, but it can also result in unintentionally getting your kids off of their dental routine. Between playdates, sports practice, and vacations, it’s still essential to prioritize the dental health of your children over the summer holiday. See what tips and tricks your Cottonwood dentist suggests to use this summer to make sure your kids’ teeth stay healthy all season long.

Stick to a Brushing Routine

While every day’s events change in the summer, you should still aim to keep a brushing and flossing routine twice a day. Try scheduling their morning brushing for the earliest time that your kids are used to getting up. Not only does this keep them on a brushing schedule, it also helps them make the most of their summer day by not sleeping in too late.

Sticking to a nightly brushing schedule can be even harder in the summer due to later bedtimes, sleepovers, and more, but trying to stay consistent is essential to great tooth health. It’s important to remember that with all of the daily changes that come with summertime, you’re going to sometimes break your routine. The goal isn’t to be perfect, it’s to make a conscious effort to stick to your daily schedule when you can.

Avoid Sweets and Sugary Drinks

Being on the go all summer can make it easy to opt for convenient, unhealthy foods and drinks, but making the conscious decision to avoid those things can make all the difference to your children’s dental health. The next time that you go to the grocery store to pick up snacks your kids will be eating this summer, consider exchanging juice pouches with flavored water and candy with granola bars. Not only will these changes help protect their teeth, it will also keep them more fueled and ready to make the most of their summer activities. Not sure what to look for on nutrition labels? Just remember that the goal for children is to stay under 25 grams of sugar a day and use that to make wiser snacking choices.

Schedule Their Summer Cleaning

With two dental cleanings a year at your Cottonwood family dentist, the likelihood that your children need an appointment during the summer is high. Scheduling their next dentist appointment during the summer holiday is also easier than ever since there’s no school days to compete with. Getting that extra boost of care to your children’s teeth also adds an extra layer of protection against any excess sweets that your kids might be getting while out and about with friends.

Arizona Smile Designers knows specifically how to care for children’s teeth and we will get them ready for a summer of fun. Schedule their summer pediatric dentist appointment today, and remember to use these tips and tricks to keep this summer as bright and healthy as possible!