Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

At Arizona Smile Designers, it’s our goal to give you the healthiest and best-looking smile possible. As your Cottonwood and Sedona, AZ dentists, we can accomplish this through a variety of our high-quality dental treatments. Even if you’re just not fully satisfied with the whiteness of your teeth, we’re capable of providing a quick and simple in-office teeth whitening treatment that’s sure to provide you with the results that you’re looking for. While we’re proud of the effectiveness of our teeth whitening treatment, we also recommend that you pay attention to what you eat so that you can maintain your newly whitened smile. You may know about how certain foods can stain and discolor your teeth (such as tomato sauce, blackberries, blueberries, and soda), but you may not be aware of the fact that many foods can actually help whiten your teeth as well. In order to help maintain your white smile, we suggest adding plenty of the following foods into your diet.


The very best food when it comes to naturally whitening your teeth is a strawberry. Strawberries are full of malic acid, which is a substance that’s terrific at both removing surface stains and whitening a person’s teeth. In fact, strawberries are so effective at whitening teeth that some people even mash them up and use them as a type of whitening toothpaste to brush their teeth!


There’s a reason why the saying “an apple a day will keep the dentist away” is such a true statement! Like strawberries, apples include the beneficial substance, malic acid in them. Also, an apple’s high water content promotes saliva production, which can clean stains from your teeth. Even the simple act of chewing an apple can help scrub away any stains, making apples an excellent choice if you want to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.


Broccoli is another food in the fruits and vegetables category that’s great at naturally whitening your teeth. It’s full of fiber and very coarse, which makes it an effective scrubbing agent for removing stains from your teeth. And – like many other fruits and vegetables – it contains plenty of malic acid as well.


Unlike the previous foods that had a beneficial substance of malic acid, cheese’s valuable component is casein. Casein is able to reduce the loss of minerals from your tooth enamel, making your teeth both stronger and whiter. Plus, the inclusion of teeth-strengthening calcium certainly doesn’t hurt its desirability!


Even something as basic as water can be a massive help in keeping your teeth white. By drinking water, it’ll help wash away stains from your teeth. For maximum effectiveness, be sure to drink some water after you eat any dark, pigmented foods that can cause staining.

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