You’re Never Too Old for Invisalign

As your trusted Cottonwood and Sedona, AZ dentist, we at Arizona Smile Designers are proud to offer a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments in order to get you the smile that you deserve. From veneers for covering up a chipped tooth to dental implants for replacing missing teeth, we’re capable of perfecting your smile in any way. Unlike many other dental offices though, we’re also proud to introduce clear braces, often referred to as Invisalign. Although many adults have shied away from orthodontic treatment in the past, that’s now changing thanks to Invisalign.

Orthodontics Is No Longer Just for Kids!

While braces and orthodontic treatments were once generally thought of as something that was solely meant for children, social opinion has changed and technology has advanced. In fact, approximately one-in-five orthodontic patients are now adults. Getting a smile makeover is no longer something that only children are benefitting from – adults are too.

A large part of the reason as to why there’s been such a shift in the perception of orthodontic treatment is because of the new alternative to braces, Invisalign. Previously, many adults didn’t want to undergo orthodontic treatment because they didn’t want to be seen with braces. Whether they believed that it would ruin their style or take away from their professionalism, there was a certain worry about spending the next period of their life with metal braces attached to the fronts of their teeth. However, with Invisalign, these fears are removed.

What Makes Invisalign Different

Unlike braces, Invisalign uses aligners that are made out of a clear, polyurethane plastic. This allows for a virtually discreet orthodontic treatment – others won’t even notice that you’re wearing any orthodontics! If you’ve ever thought about undergoing orthodontic treatment, but you didn’t like the look of metal braces, now you have an option that’s just perfect for you.

In addition, Invisalign is easy to incorporate into a hectic daily life. Since traditional braces are cemented in place, you have to take extra precautions. You have to take care not to eat certain foods because they may damage the braces and you have to put more effort into cleaning your teeth because the wires and brackets would block you from easy access. With Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Invisalign’s aligners are removable, meaning that you simply take them out and you can eat whatever you want without having to worry about breaking your orthodontics. Cleaning your teeth is also just as simple as it’s always been since you remove your aligners beforehand.

Why Get Invisalign at Your Dentist’s Office?

While there are many orthodontic specialists that are capable of providing you with orthodontic treatment, the benefit of going to a dentist for Invisalign is that your dentist has a better understanding of your dental and oral health. In addition, instead of making multiple trips throughout the year to both your dentist and your orthodontist, you can simply stop by your dentist’s office and fulfill two goals in one visit.

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