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At Arizona Smile Designers our goal is to provide high quality dental care throughout the Cottonwood and Sedona community. We work to ensure that all our patients receive customized care that addresses their individual needs and smile goals. We provide a number of services, such as: Invisalign, Philips teeth whitening, root canals, and veneers. Additionally, we share patient educational sources and supportive answers in our dental health blog. Read along and let us know if you have any further questions about your dental care or oral hygiene. Our restorative dentistry in Sedona is just a phone call away!

Many patients ask us how they can whiten and brighten their teeth at Arizona Smile Designers. New products on the market pop up all the time promising to brighten and whiten teeth. While there are many benefits of having whiter teeth, having your teeth professionally whitened is worth the extra cost as it will give … Continued

A root canal is a routine dental procedure used to treat badly decayed or infected teeth. The object of the procedure is to remove damaged pulp from the inside of the tooth’s roots, disinfect the area, fill the now empty canal, and seal the tooth. At Arizona Smile Designers, we know that this procedure can … Continued

At Arizona Smile Designers, we work hard to provide our patients with the necessary tools and knowledge to prevent cavities and keep their teeth strong and healthy. Our family dentists and staff in Cottonwood, AZ like to practice preventive dentistry but are prepared to help patients with restorative and cosmetic dentistry where necessary. To practice … Continued

At Arizona Smile Designers, we strive to provide every patient with individualized dental and orthodontic care that is customized to their teeth and needs. For the majority of our teen and young adult patients, this means developing and designing Invisalign clear aligners to slowly shift their teeth to the desired position. In fact, after introducing … Continued

Summer is finally here and Arizona Smile Designers hopes you have a fantastic summer in the sun! Our Sedona dentists work hard to provide comprehensive, high-quality dental care to patients of all ages, even during the summer months. Although the kids are out of school for the summer and you may have taken off work … Continued

For a long time, dentist’s were against chewing gum, believing it was unequivocally bad for the teeth – but now, that’s changing. While sugary gum is still bad for teeth and can cause cavities, some experts are saying that chewing sugar-free gum can have a positive impact on the teeth by removing leftover bits of … Continued

This happy holiday originated in 2012, and is probably one of our favorite holidays here at Arizona Smile Designers. We love helping our patients smile more because in addition to elevating your external appearance, smiling can increase your inner self-love and confidence, and that’s what’s most important. If you’re interested in one of our many … Continued

We are finally finished with 2020 and onto 2021! At Arizona Smile Designers, we know it was a tough year and understand if your oral health declined a little. Fortunately, with this new year upon us, we all have the opportunity to kick-start our oral hygiene routine and re-commit to healthy habits and healthier teeth. … Continued

Looking for an easy way to improve the health of your teeth and gums? Start with your diet! The foods we eat have a major impact on the long-term health of our teeth, gums, and entire bodies. Here are a few everyday foods you can incorporate into your diet to improve tooth and gum health: … Continued

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